Bauman’s Natural Meat CSA

Follow this link to sign up for Bauman’s Natural Meat CSA!

Delivery Dates:
June 9
July 7
August 4
Sept 15

In association with Forest Run Farm, Bauman’s Natural Meat  is offering a Meat CSA share. Following the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) concept, consumers and The Farm join together in partnership. In this partnership, consumers purchase “a meat share” and the farm has a reliable market for its product. The Bauman family raises all of their animals naturally: no genetically modified grains are used in the feed, no harsh commercial chemical fertilizers are used on the fields, and no antibiotics or artificial implanted hormones are used in their animal production. Visit their website to learn more about their farming methods.

Customers will be able to choose the variety of meat for their share. Either all Beef, all Pork, all Chicken; maybe Beef and Pork, or Pork and Chicken, or Beef and Chicken; or a variety of all three. Next customers will need to decide on the quantity of meat per box–a half box or a full box. These boxes vary by the dollar value they will contain. Bauman’s Natural Meat has posted their prices for all cuts of meat to give you an idea of how many pounds would match the dollar value in a box. You’ll notice that price per pound will vary depending on the cut of meat. Possible cuts of meat would most likely include but not be limited to:

Beef Arm, chuck,rump,round Roast
1 lb ground beef
NY, Rib or sirlion steak
 ——–  —–  —–  —  ———-  ———–
Pork chops
breakfast links
 ——–  —–  —-  —  ———-  ———–
Chicken fresh frozen whole
legs and thighs


CSA meat shares will be available for pick up with your CSA veggie share at all Thursday Forest Run Farm pick up sites. When you sign up, you can choose from a Half share or a Full Share, which comes as a 1 box delivery on each of 4 days. Also note that sign up sheets should be sent to Forest Run Farm LLC with checks made out to Bauman’s Natural Meat.  You must purchase a CSA share from Forest Run Farm to purchase a meat CSA share and have it delivered to one the Forest Run Farm sites.  Contact Bauman’s Natural Meats directly if you want to only purchase a meat share. Some health insurance providers give a rebate for eating healthy and purchasing CSA shares, but meat shares are usually not covered, check with your provider.

Follow this link to sign up for Bauman’s Natural Meat CSA!