What is CSA all about?

Mid Summer CSA Share

CSA is a partnership between the local people and the farmer. It provides a means to distribute locally grown fresh food through the community without the middle man. It provides an economic benefit to the farmer; when you purchase a CSA share at the front end of the season the farmer can use these early payments to purchase seeds and equipment to start the season. It is a shared risk; when risk is spread over a greater number of people it will have less impact on just one person. It is a relationship; you’ll have the opportunity to get to know your farmer through the newsletters and farm events. It is a customers commitment to the farmer and to themselves, to eat healthy and enjoy the seasonal vegetables of Wisconsin.
Forest Run Farm delivers traditional CSA shares on Thursday to pick up sites in DeForest, Sun Prairie, Northeast Madison, Regent/Allen Street area in Madison,  Waunakee, and various Workplace CSA partners, in addition to pick up at the Farm.  We offer a Farm Stand CSA share for the eater who wants more flexibility in what they receive with pick up at the Farm on Friday. The Farm Stand CSA follows many of the core ideas of traditional CSA like demonstrating commitment by paying the farmer ahead. As a Farm Stand CSA member you will go to DeForest Locally Grown, a virtual, or web-based market, select produce from Forest Run Farm which will be picked and packed to your order.